February 07, 2017

Privacy Policy For Proximity Screen Off

Privacy Policy

Phone Calls (android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE):

Proximity Screen Off app checks to see if you’re on the phone, or if the phone is ringing to enable/disable proximity sensor which enables auto screen on/off

October 16, 2009

Video Converter 4.1

Hi All,
New video conversion tool with great features. Encoding is really fast takes advantage of multi-core systems.

Version 4.1
- Minor mp4 fix

Version 4.0 Out!!!
- Visual cropping tool - you think u're the master? then this tool is for you..
- Create new profiles
- Group/individual movie configurations supported
- Lot of tweaking parameters to ffmpeg - better performance
- Bug fixes & enhancements - of course..
- Small changes to the UI
- New Optimal profiles added, If you have a Touch-HD you must try HTC-HD-Optimal.
- Few Tips added in the 2nd post....

Hope you guys like this!!!

New build v2.0 - Better, Faster, more intuitive!!!
This is a major upgrade, lot of enhancements!!!
1) Added volume boost option as %
2) Conversion Progress in built
3) Latest FFMPEG Build (SVN-r19958 22/09/09)

1) Volume Boost option (256 = 100% , 512 = 200%)
2) Few Bug Fixes and Gui changes

v.1 features:
1) Does auto cropping/padding
2) Drag and Drop files to be converted
3) Support for 2-pass conversion
4) Converts all video formats supported by FFMPEG, that's about everything
5) Target path is the same as source. Converted file will have _Resized.ext (avi,mp4...) added to original filename.
6) New profiles can be added manually editing the profiles.xml files in the installation directory.
7) For debugging, a batch file is created in the installation directory which has the command line for ffmpeg.
8) Sample your Video: You can use the StartTime and Duration of the clip to be converted relative to StartTime..
9) Supports an ideal configuration for PSP videos




[12-Apr-2011] Send free sms using Way2sms, Whozzat,160By2,SMS7,BollywoodMotion & FullOnSMS!! - Version 6.2.0 - Way2SMS

Simple tool to send sms to individual or a group of people. A free sms account can be created @ way2sms.com and now www.sms7.in is supported too :)

MobileSMS: This is for all you guys who had been requesting this for a long time... this is a beta version loaded with issues... but it works :)

J2ME version for mobile phones:



  1. Fixed Way2sms!!
  1. Added Whozzat.com!!!
  1. On huge demand, i have managed to make some time and fix Way2SMS only for now... enjoy guys!!

  1. Added 160By2, Fixed FullOnSMS, sms7 & bollywoodmotion ENJOY!!!!
  2. Note: for 160By2 please use your user_name not your mobile number

  1. Fixed way2sms... please goto File menu and click "Clear Cache" before using this for first time only!!!

  1. Minor bug fixes related to message length and splitting of messages... On freesms8 front, am sorry guys, i tried fixing the issue and during this process my account got locked out, i had another number, after some of my attempts even that got locked out, so there is no way i can fix it (unless the unblock my account).

  1. Added FullOnSMS which supports 160 characters with no ads & BollywoodMotion which has 500 character limit... Will fix freesms8 in next release (if possible).
  1. Added on-demand feature to split a long message into multiple messages , Cheers!!!
  2. Fixed  Freesms8 sms send issue.
  1. Fixed sms failed issue with Freesms8.com

  1. Added support for www.freesms8.com
  1. Was2sms4.0.0 stopped working??? 
Answer: custFrom number seems to have changed for some users including me, added a new feature to "clearCache" in the file menu, which will rediscover the new custFrom Number...
NOTE: Restart after clearing the cache!!

  1. Added new sms service provide by www.sms7.in which supports 440 characters in a message!!!

  1.  Minor fix in logging when sending message to more than 1 person.

  1. Fixed the error seen by some users while sending messages. [Thanks to Ashish for finding the trick]...
  2. First message sent will be slower because it has to determine the custFrom number for that user [custFrom number might be different for different users] this was the real cause of the problem. Once found, it caches the custFrom number permanently hence subsequent messages are processed without any delay.

  1. Improved logging

  1. Minor bug fix

  1. SMS Text compression added
  • Compress Words - Converts normal text to shorthand
  • Remove Spaces - Remove all spaces and capitalizes alternate words
  • Both - both a and b.
  1. Character limit removed during typing and extra characters are highlighted in red. Note: extra characters will not be sent as part of the message.
  2. Added cancel functionality when sending bulk sms.

  1. Bugs again - Fixed
  2. Enhanced UI

  1. Import online contacts.
  2. Fixed filtering and sorting of contacts table.

  1. Added regexp filter capability to contacts table,for all columns!!! Example:
  • Names starting with Aka = ^aka
  • Names ending with sh = sh$
  • Names containing esh = esh

  1. Fixed proxy issue.

  1. Incorporated changes made to website
  2. Improved Logging
  3. Remember Password option added

NOTE: To reuse the contacts, export the contacts to CSV, and reimport them (One time job).

  1. Easy Group Messaging
  2. Quick Contacts Access
  3. Import/Export Add/Remove Contacts (NEW!!!)
  4. Intuitive and Fast
  5. Realtime Logging of status

November 20, 2008

JarFinder Find those classes without glasses!!!

You may have come across several such tools, but i recommend this one to you (for obvious reasons, am one of the developers).

Simple but powerful tool for finding java class files on the filesystem, recursively looking into directories and archives. Useful for fixing "class not found" errors and setting the CLASSPATH properly.


Version 2.0: