October 16, 2009

Video Converter 4.1

Hi All,
New video conversion tool with great features. Encoding is really fast takes advantage of multi-core systems.

Version 4.1
- Minor mp4 fix

Version 4.0 Out!!!
- Visual cropping tool - you think u're the master? then this tool is for you..
- Create new profiles
- Group/individual movie configurations supported
- Lot of tweaking parameters to ffmpeg - better performance
- Bug fixes & enhancements - of course..
- Small changes to the UI
- New Optimal profiles added, If you have a Touch-HD you must try HTC-HD-Optimal.
- Few Tips added in the 2nd post....

Hope you guys like this!!!

New build v2.0 - Better, Faster, more intuitive!!!
This is a major upgrade, lot of enhancements!!!
1) Added volume boost option as %
2) Conversion Progress in built
3) Latest FFMPEG Build (SVN-r19958 22/09/09)

1) Volume Boost option (256 = 100% , 512 = 200%)
2) Few Bug Fixes and Gui changes

v.1 features:
1) Does auto cropping/padding
2) Drag and Drop files to be converted
3) Support for 2-pass conversion
4) Converts all video formats supported by FFMPEG, that's about everything
5) Target path is the same as source. Converted file will have _Resized.ext (avi,mp4...) added to original filename.
6) New profiles can be added manually editing the profiles.xml files in the installation directory.
7) For debugging, a batch file is created in the installation directory which has the command line for ffmpeg.
8) Sample your Video: You can use the StartTime and Duration of the clip to be converted relative to StartTime..
9) Supports an ideal configuration for PSP videos




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Amiable dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.